And I must warn you this bit has nothing to do with my photography because this whole website is about that, so here is some 'me' time.  So, I'm going to get the personal stuff out of the way and you may well be asking yourself 'why do I need to know this stuff?' 


Well as your potential wedding photographer, I share some of your most intimate personal moments with you.  Trust me, I will capture them all.  So it’s only fair that you get to know about me too.

I am forty... something and based between Spain and a place you may have heard of, called Costa del Nuneaton in North Warwickshire. 

 I'm happily married to my Northern Irish husband Ryan, who is about as opposite to myself as you could get - they do say opposites attract and clearly, they do. I have quite a lot of tattoo's and this is very much part of my artistic personality and yes, I am going to be part of an entire generation of pensioners covered in ink.


My photography started as a hobby, running parallel with a 20-year career in the entertainment Industry.  This is the place where you get to see the world from a slightly different perspective.  It's probably why my style of photography has a very natural and creative quality to it.


I love weddings because it’s a place that, for one whole day, you get to see two people totally wrapped up in love.  It’s a day where you can actually feel love in the air.  It's also a day when, even the manliest man in your life, is nervous and full of emotion - and that's something you just can't stage. And that’s why my photography should capture moments as they happen and not just "stand and smile" shots... And if your family is anything like mine there are a lot of people who don't know how to smile without looking constipated. A wedding should be about relaxed fun and celebration. This is why I love to step inside that world, and capture the magic that's all around me. A lot of people ask me why I don't have a "same sex marriage" page on this website and the answer is very simple...  I photograph beautiful loved up couples getting married, your colour, sexuality, height, weight and size are irrelevant to me, love is love in every form and if your getting married I want to be there to capture it.


So now let's get down to the things you really want to know...  I think Brussel Sprouts are the epitome of evil, and if you disagree, we are not going get along!  I'm old school, and love the music by Alison Moyet, Sade and Seal, and I love all types of chocolate. I am not really a flowers kinda guy unless they are dipped in chocolate. I don't drink alcohol, because I'm that weird man you occasionally hear of, that doesn't need it.  I have had an amazing career in entertainment and travelled the world with it, and I am naturally a very creative person but very relaxed about life. I am also a Leo and I'm not even sure what that means?

I love the cinema, I am a real film buff and combine that with a day surrounded by rollercoasters, I am in my version of heaven.


And yes, as you can probably tell, I'm a hopeless romantic.  So, let's recap... I have great taste in music, I'm a real choccy lover, tattoos are not for everyone, rollercoasters are amazing, I have an amazing Husband and as we now all seem to agree - sprouts are evil!

I prefer to take photographs of your big day as it happens, effectively telling the story as it unfolds.

This style of photography is often referred to as Candid, Journalistic or Storytelling photography.  There is a reason why most modern-day wedding photographers prefer this style and that's because it captures your natural expressions and emotions as they happen.  If I was paid a fiver for the amount of times somebody said to me 'I hate having my photo taken', I would have already retired.

I like to stage some shots in a creative way and have some fun doing it.  However, if you just want me to take shots of everybody standing in groups all day, then I am really not the wedding photographer you're looking for. Equally if you're looking for somebody to super impose a photoshop dinosaur behind you, I am not the man for you either.

Your wedding pictures are as important to me as they are to you, but for very different reasons. I want to create something beautiful that you will want to share and look at with a smile on your face. I like to take some very staged romantic shots of both of you but once again this doesn't involve backlighting staged outside a country house, we have all seen those shots but it’s just not my style of photography and I will not promise you something that is not part of my artistic vision for your big day.

I want to capture the very best of you as a couple and capture those moments that your friends and family recognise about you, I do not want to deliver photographs that belong on the cover of vanity fair that look amazing but you will never share or have on display.

My editing style is quite dramatic and I love black and white photography.  I feel it captures something quite beautiful in the eyes that colour photographs can sometimes miss. 


I will edit your photos is various styles between colour and black and white and give you the option to choose some pictures you love and re-edit them in a different style.​

I will not promise to do anything I cannot do, I will not try and up-sell any products or services to you, I will not pretend to be a certain type of photographer... the images you see on this website are ones I have taken and they represent my style of photography.

I will be honest with you about the services I offer and the costs involved, there will never be a rise or change in any prices to you once you have agreed the contract, and finally I will be my charming self and always be respectful around your guests... not because I have to be, its because that’s the type of guy I am.


But why should you choose me to photograph one of the most incredible times of your life?

But why should you choose me to photograph one of the most incredible days of your life?