Black & white photograph's have a certain magic to them.  They capture every detail in the light and shade of life. I incorporate this in all of my work, especially in my wedding photography.

I offer a complete black and white photoshoot for all occasions. And I specialise in very dramatic editing technics as you can see in the gallery below, all these shots are taken with the same camera but very stylised in their own way depending on the type of look you are going for, Some of these shots were edited to look more grainy and some smoother depending on what the client wanted. Often these types of photos are ideal for family get togethers, or a dance rehearsal, as it captures things that you may miss if captured in colour.


So, if you're searching for an authentic style of photography that captures 'your essence', I offer clients a full range of photographic services.  All services are tailored to your specific tastes. Black and white pictures of couples and individual portraits, have a way of capturing every bit of you on camera.


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