Ok so here goes...

Some top tips about your day that I hope you find helpful?

  • Do not buy disposable cameras for your tables. You will end up with terrible selfies on them that you will not appreciate.  Yes, they're a bit of fun and not overly expensive to buy, but you won't think that when it comes to paying for them all to be developed.

• Buy a selfie stick for each table and get your friends and family to take selfies.   You can then ask them to pop the pics on one of the many wedding photo selfie sharing apps.   You do not need a magic mirror or Photo Booth.   Why?  Because what you are effectively paying hundreds of pounds for is a huge phone screen to take selfies on.

• Do consider paying your photographer to do a little longer, to get beautiful shots of your guests dancing and enjoying themselves all over your venue.  This can include some amazing outside shots - think about the fact you cannot do this with a Photo Booth.

• Do try and get some quotes for table and room decor to be done for you.  Believe it or not, in my experience, its often easier and more cost effective to hire everything.  That way you are not stuck with lots of wedding table centre pieces to try and sell or dispose of.  There are lots of companies out there who will surprise you.

• Look for bridesmaid dresses from ChiChi of London...  they do some really beautiful dresses that won't break the bank, and I know this because that’s where we got ours from.

• Speak to your Registrar or Vicar in advance, to find out how they feel about photography during the ceremony.  Its always good to give your photographer a heads up before they meet them.


• Kick off the heels & settle into a more comfortable shoe.  You know those stunning, sexy, strappy, ultra-high heels that work perfectly with your wedding gown?  They'll be great for the ceremony and for the formal pictures too.  But if you're planning to kick up your heels at the reception, you'll be better off kicking off the heels and settling into something more comfortable.  So get a pretty, more practical pair of shoes that you can change into.

Summing things up...


You may have now realised that I hate photo booths.  Now, this is not a professional jealously thing...  I could have quite easily bought one and rented it out myself because let’s face it - its easy money.   The reason I try and discourage couples from using them is simple.  They cost a lot of money for, let’s be honest here, not very good photographs in the same area of your venue all night.   And as a photographer who has attended many, many weddings over the years, I can tell you the one thing that gets mentioned a lot to me is the amount of money people wish they had not spent on... drumroll please... the Photo Booth!

I am a social kinda guy... what can I say?