April 24, 2017



The average figure for the cost of a UK wedding was put at a whopping £24,000 by Brides Magazine.
It came to this number by breaking down how much its readers spent on various aspects of the big day and honeymoon to came up with an average cost.
This is helpful in that it gives budding wedding planners a guide as to how much they need to save, and an idea of how their budget is most likely to be split proportionally - particularly important when it comes to the major expenses.
But average figures aren't always very accurate. By their very nature, they span those spending into the hundreds of thousands, as well as others that tie the knot for just a few hundred pounds. A relatively small number of large, lavish weddings have the power to skew the average figure upwards.
It could also be argued that those reading Brides Magazine are more likely to spend more on their wedding, so its average would be pushed up. 
Bridal website Confetti released some rival  statistics, showing the biggest proportion of newlyweds, at 34%, actually spend between £5,000 and £10,000, with almost as many people spending £10,000 to £20,000 - at 33%.
But almost a quarter of people spent less than £5,000 on their wedding.
This just goes to show the vast differences in budgets - which means there is no one-size-fits all solution.
Bear that in mind when you're planning your own and don't get swept away with paying for things that aren't necessary, or you don't actually want.

And I can speak from experience when it comes to paying for things that were not completely necessary!
We started off with a budget of around £3,500 naively believing this would do for 45 guests and we eventually came in with our honeymoon at around £8,500.

So let me break down for you the things that are worth spending a bit more on and hopefully you can save on the bits you don't need.

•make sure the food is good and pay for upgrades if it's not good enough as your guests will always remember the food.
•make sure you do not skimp on the photography and it's easy for me to say this in a blog I am writing as I am a photographer but you have gone to so much effort to get every detail just right, you want it capturing in detail from somebody who understands what you want.
•make sure you have spent some money in good entertainment as I have been to so many weddings that have no atmosphere, people need to be kept entertained, remember you invited them.

The rest is all fluff and what I mean by that is...
The little bits on the tables and the flowers are great for about 2 minutes then nobody renders any of it. And I say this with experience of my own wedding and the many I have now been a part of. 


And finally I must point out that the images I have used in this blog are not mine, they are from shutterstock images, 👍🏼 

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