April 24, 2017


Confetti Shots

Wedding exits are often defined by the props guests are given. Whether they toss birdseed or light sparklers, it's never quite as magical in a photo as it is in person. However, colorful and reflective confetti bursts show up really well in photos and are a favorite at modern weddings.
It makes any wedding photo look bright and fun , give it a go this season and get that wedding photo that will make you smile.

Black and White

Modern wedding photography also finds new ways to use classic techniques. Black and white photography was all the rage 15 years ago, but became less popular as couples started to favor bright and colorful images. The latest in black and white photography is a bit moody, using the light and background scenery to create an unforgettably romantic picture.
And for me personally as a Photographer I think it brings out and captures a little something in people's faces that colour photography misses.

The Pre Shoot

Some of your favorite wedding moments don't even take place on your wedding day. It's the champagne toast at your hen party, or when your nephew knocked over the flowers the night before. Recently, couples have opted to hire their wedding photographer for more than just their main event, so that all of their best memories can be celebrated.

Inviting Angles

Modern wedding photographers think beyond standard angles. This ceremony photo is a perfect example in that it is far enough removed to not interfere with the ceremony or disturb the couple, but also set up in such a way that you feel like a member of the audience.

Just the two of you

Gone are the days of elopements meaning that you have to sacrifice the dress and flowers and all the rest of the magic. Modern elopements are merely more intimate versions of traditional weddings. When it's just the two of you, it's all the more important to record the moment. Hire a photographer to take beautiful shots of your highly personal day.
No guests to worry about because this day is just about the two of you and if your comfortable with your photographer the man in your life might even relax and that will show in these stunning intimate photos.

Just the Men

I personally love the shots I take of just the groom and the best men, these shots are like taking a look through the window of secret masculinity.
When all the boys are together and relaxed this is a wonderful moment to capture in a photograph, it could be the line up of socks or cheeky grins or even staggered across a field to create something all together arty, but do not miss the opportunity to capture this moments.


And finally I must point out that the images I have used in this blog are not mine, they are from shutterstock images, 👍🏼

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