April 28, 2017

The answer is so simple...

It's a pre-wedding photo shoot

As a Wedding Photographer there is something that produces better shots of the happy couple, and the thing I'm talking about is "a pre shoot"
A pre shoot gives the photographer the opportunity to get to know the happy couple to be... but it's so much more.
1.    Do you even like yourself in pictures?
It's surprising how many of us don’t like posing in front of cameras. And I will be quite honest here by "us" I mean men.
Having your photo taken can seem like a real effort, especially when it seems that you never look as good in photos as you do actually. Women will openly say things like "oh I hate that photo of me I look fat" and let me tell you ladies you probably don't your just overly critical of how you think you should look!

Men however might not like themselves in photos but it's unlikely they would openly say what they don't like about themselves but that's because we have only just started getting media sources telling us how we should look... so we are now in the same boat.

Having a pre-wedding shoot before your wedding day will help you to relax while following professional guidance from your photographer and get rid of any awkwardness. 

2.    Meet your photographers
A pre-wedding shoot it’s a great opportunity to meet the person who (A) you have paid a lot of money for, and (B) be relaxed in their company.
So when the big day is actually here everybody that matters is relaxed and not embarrassed about being photographed.
3.    Tell them what you like.     

By seeing your pictures before your wedding helps to understand your style better. How much direction do you need? Some prefer documentary style where they are photographed from a far and some need a little more direction.
You do need to tell your photographer what you would like, a good wedding photographer is not cheap and there is a reason for this.
We are creative people and want to do the best job with the best equipment, so talk to your photographer and discuss what you would like the end result to be.
4.    Finding your happy place

I suggest having your pre-wedding shoot at your chosen wedding venue. It helps to appreciate surroundings, carefully choosing full of light spaces and beautiful backgrounds. But it can be a day at the park, the main thing is get into a relaxed state with them, when I am with couples or families for a pre shoot or a family shoot out and about I always get better pictures later on in the day when everybody is relaxed and including me in the fun.
 5.    Men do not like to be photographed
I have a lot of experience photographing all types of people and the demographic know as "men" are not as easy to work with as you would think, I have my own husband who has been my model and muse for many years and I have taken some truly stunning pictures of him but there is always a look in his eye saying "when is this over" so it's very important to make the man in your life wether that be you partner or father, feel relaxed on the day and a pre shoot can really make that happen.


 This picture below is one I took of the hubby in Bangkok, not staged, not set up, just me walking behind him and asking him to turn around and this is what I got.

But it's natural and unposed (there is still that look however that I mentioned before 😂)


 6.    Get to know each other away from the camera

After your photo shoot it’s great to sit down and have a well deserved drink while chatting about your big day.
I personally love to hear your opinion, suggestions, or even doubts. I want to create photography for your big day that you actually want to share with everybody and not just sit inside a book,your photographer should be doing the same.

I look back at my own wedding photography all the time, even now there are so many little things I missed on the day and I look through my pics and spot something else that makes me smile.
8.    This is not a selfie ...people?

 We are now in a generation thanks to smart phones and social media of photographing ourselves more than ever before, which you would think contradicts everything I've just said about not liking ourselves and not enjoying being photographed.
But there photographs and then there are "photographs".
You might think you know how to pose and look in a photo these days because you have been doing it for years on Facebook and snapchat, but trust me when I say nobody wants to see a wedding picture with all the family in it smiling with what I can only describe as "the sideways duck face"
So a pre shoot will get rid of that and bring out your natural smile and not the one you do every time you have your picture taken with a phone, all I see on social media these days are people too afraid to look naturally into the camera.


9. It's not as pricey as you think?

Your pre-wedding photo shoot doesn’t have to be all serious and boring. In fact, it’s totally the opposite.
A pre shoot will probably produce some of the best pictures you have had in a long time.
And it is often included in some of the wedding photography packages out there.
In two of my photography packages it comes as standard, and it can be added onto other packages for around £80.00.
So it doesn't need to cost the earth and it's worth every penny. You do not have to have a wedding photo like this one on your big day.

Becaise clearly the photographer did not tell the couple that this looks a little odd? 


and on a final note I may add none of the images used in this blog are mine except the one of the hubby 😂😂

 the rest are from shutterstock images, 👍🏼 


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