June 29, 2017

The real things you should be looking at when your looking for a wedding photographer are not necessarily the things that you think about?

Wether it be a wedding fair or an online Facebook forum it's very easy to be seduced by the images the photographers display,
And I'm a wedding photographer myself, so I understand how to market my work towards brides and grooms.

The cost  

But there are factors to take into account when choosing the photographer for your day and it shouldn't be down to price.
Don't assume that because one photographer is charging £500 for a full day and another is charging £1500 for the full day that the cheaper one is lesser quality, what you are paying for is what that photographer thinks he or she is worth, and some photographers sell their packages low because they work on volume and would rather have every Saturday full in their diaries and some wedding photographers would rather do 2 weddings a month and charge more.

So don't assume that it's all down to price because the prices are set by the photographer based on their location and what they believe they can charge.

Their work 

A wedding photographers work should be better than photos you can take yourself or you might as well get good old uncle frank to take his camera on the day and have a go.
But you are paying for the stress of not worrying if uncle franks pictures are going to be any good, you are also paying for the creative eye of a good photographer and his or her ability to capture your day and all of the little things you will miss.

Then there is the editing of the pictures and I speak from experience when I say "this is where I earn my money"
This can take weeks to do and the software to achieve it is complicated and specialised to photography.
And let's not forget the types of cameras that we as photographers use, I have several camera bodies and they are around £700 to £1000 each and then the lenses are equally as pricey but these are the tools of our trade and they are expensive for a reason.

What do you get



The other factor to take into account is what you get for your money, do you get a cd or USB, is there a book included?
I offer a USB with all my packages and a beautiful box to keep little keepsakes in that I have had especially made for my photography services, and I also offer a book with 2 of my packages, now books if they are done well are expensive to produce but some wedding photographers charge quite a premium for producing them for you, I am open and honest about where I get my books from and what they cost, so the bride or groom can go directly to the website and see what they cost me to produce, and I charge them what I am charged. The company I use is called ZNO and their books are stunning!! And for a good book you are looking at £100- £150 for an amazing photography book, I use only ZNO books for my display and sample books at wedding fairs.

Photos of you as you... or artistic representations 



Now this is one of the biggest factors and for me, when it comes to choosing the right wedding photographer.
There are a lot of wedding photographers that are incredibly good with the editing software and by the time they have finished, the photos look like something out of Vogue or Tattler magazine, we all know the photos I'm talking about here... on a rock with a moody dark sky in the background and vail floating in the air surrounded by bright heathers like something out of braveheart.
And that's great as I have produced similar shots myself but if I'm honest I prefer not too.
Because is this really you? Is it what you will look back on in decades to come and smile as you look at them and remember what an amazing and funny day it was?
Or is this just the type of photography you were seduced by when you were looking at millions of photographers websites?

This is the most important factor when choosing a wedding photographer
Are their photos going to represent you and capture that magic that everybody recognises about you, or will you end up with over stylised pictures that will look amazing in a book but you will never look at with a smile on your face?

So you need to pick a photographer based on your connection with their work and also think about what you are going to do with those photos once you have paid all this money for them.

Being a wedding photographer myself I had to choose a photographer for our big day who captured our vintage style and the fact we are all clowns and fools in our family and friends.
Yes we had some serious ones of us all together but they are not the photos I look back on now the big day is over.
Here are some of the pics from my own big day thanks to Chloe Henderson our amazing photographer.






So in summary don't be seduced by arty over stylised shots that a photographer has decided to show you, and don't be seduced by the price, it's about what you are going to do with those photos after the hulabaloo is all over.
I can tell you that I look at mine all the time because they make me smile and laugh.


And finally I must point out that the images I have used in this blog are not mine other than the black and white one, the rest are from shutterstock images, and the ones from my own wedding were lovingly produced and given shared copyright by Miss Chloe Henderson. 👍🏼


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